Tim Lovett, President – Executive Search Division

Tim Lovett´s career extends over 30 years of extensive retainer executive search. He is responsible for the development and engagement of Client Search Plans to establish and optimize the selection of the most qualified professionals for employment. His experience includes meeting with clients to establish search criteria; sourcing, identifying, qualifying, and interviewing potential candidates; extending offers; and successfully placing qualified candidates for employment with his clients. Tim has a research staff and an extensive database of updated qualified candidates.

Tim´s expertise on how to find and recruit top talent has been sought by multiple Fortune 100 corporations throughout the United States. He has been interviewed for numerous national business magazines and currently volunteers his service to local charitable organizations on qualifying, interviewing, and retaining top candidates. He has worked with large corporations both private and public, such as LexisNexis, Dell Computer, Hewlet Packard, AMD, L-3 Communications, and Raytheon Corporation.