“When Tom contacted me I was not looking for a new position, I was very happy as an executive with DeKalb County Public Schools in Atlanta, Georgia. Tom was persuasive and encouraged me to meet with him on his visit to Atlanta. After discussing the opportunities and challenges within Dayton Public Schools, I became interested in talking further. Tom’s professional representation of Dayton Public Schools and his ability to interest me in the position are the reasons I am here today as the Superintendent.”

“I went through his interviewing process as a candidate. Tom was very thorough with his interview questions and background checks to insure I had the skill, desire and energy needed to succeed at Dayton Public Schools. I wanted to retain the same process to assist me in finding a top-notch executive staff.”

– Percy A. Mack Ph.D., Superintendent Dayton Public Schools


“Tom, I admire your professional skills and relational ability and I appreciate your balanced approach in negotiations, that is one of the things that makes you effective.”
– Daryl Doden, President, Ambassador Steel; Board of Directors, Correct Craft Inc.


“Mr. McNew was selected from three finalists who were in contention for the appointment. We are confident that Mr. McNew’s leadership qualities and extensive background and experience within the marine industry, coupled with Correct Craft’s 80 years of boat building excellence, will continue the tradition that has made Correct Craft a success.”
– Ken Meloon, Chairman of the Board, Correct Craft Inc.


“Thanks Tom. I think it is going VERY well. Charles is off to a very strong start. He is everything we wanted, and more.”
– Lloyd G. (Buzz) Waterhouse; Chairman WCI Board


“The search was conducted in a thorough and professional manner and we are pleased with the caliber of candidates and the individual hired!”
– J.P.Nauseef, COO Dayton Development Coalition; WCI Board Member


“Over 350 prospective candidates were contacted regarding this important leadership position. There was a high degree of interest from many qualified candidates. An interview team consisting of representatives from the administrative team, the Development Advisory Council and the Board of Trustees assisted me in evaluating the four finalist. Brett Looney is a mission driven individual who actively lives his Catholic faith. I know the Chaminade-Julienne community will welcome him. I have a high degree of confidence that our development office will grow under Brett’s leadership.”
– Lorcan Barnes, President, Chaminade-Julienne Catholic High School


“Tom, I would have hired any one of the finalist. You made it very difficult for me to decide which candidate to offer. I appreciate your hard work on this effort!”
– Ron Wine, CEO, Dayton Development Coalition A Partnership for Regional Growth