Lovett and Lovett Executive Search provides consulting engagements that assist clients with defining and executing a strategic recruitment process that leads to the selection and hiring of the most highly qualified professionals.

Lovett and Lovett Executive Search was incorporated in 1988 and since that time, through our quest to provide world class service, we have continued to refine and develop our skill and technique for finding, identifying and qualifying top-notch talent.

One of our firm’s most distinguishing factors is our ability to present candidates that are content and happy in their current position and are not necessarily looking for a new job. These candidates are however, interested in a career move and an opportunity with our client organization. It is our sincere belief, drawing from our many years of executive search experience, that good candidates are not always looking for a new position. As you will acknowledge during your search, the successful candidate is being well taken care of by their organization and does not have the interest or time to network with others or answer advertisements to make a career change. We feel it is our job to find those individuals, present the opportunity and interest them to pursue the position with our client organization.

Another differentiating factor of our firm is our TM proprietary interviewing process. ExecuScreenTM is a set of comprehensive questions we have developed and a series of interviews, focusing on the candidate’s past experience, leadership qualities and management style to insure and validate the prospective candidates have all the skills needed to exceed expectations.

Finally, it is important that you note our client mission; Finding Exceptionally Talented Professionals. We do everything possible to fulfill our mission on every search we complete. You have our commitment and personal assurance that the group of finalists that are presented will be the most qualified and talented candidates available.