General Manager

Tilbury, Canada


Work with the CEO to establish long-range goals, product and market strategies, operational capabilities as well as financial targets.  Provide operational leadership inclusive of assistance with strategic customer relationships.


Implement solutions to short and long term challenges, addressing strategic initiatives & aligning the organization to accomplish its goals and objectives.

Manage and coordinate major activities and day-to-day operations of NRT. Operations include the shredding and granulation of waste rubbers, including tires; the de-vulcanization of internally-produced and externally-purchased rubber crumb to produce De-vulcanized Rubber Particulate (DRP); the production of DRP-derived compounds and precision calendared sheets; custom mixing; and compression and injection molding.

Manage new product introductions and infrastructure development to support those introductions.

Manage the supply chain consisting of inbound waste and other raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods inventory relative to customer commitments.

Ensure consistency in production and quality control.

Manage all operations, maintenance, and quality control personnel, compounder activities in support of operations and quality control as well as SG&A support personnel on site at Tilbury operation.

Shared responsibility for customer relationships and R&D/commercial development activities with senior management, technical sales and chemist/compounder personnel.

Full responsibility for P&L. Recommend specific revenue, profit, capital budgets goals

Skills Needed:

Strategic Thinking – Must bring a history of strategic success both personally and as a leader of people creating effective strategy.   Comfortable with developing and articulating a strategic vision and direction; develops strategies and scenarios and allocates resources appropriately.  Participates in the development of long term objectives including the development of strategies, goals, and plans. Ability to anticipate industry and competitive evolution.

Leadership and Judgment Skills: The successful candidate must have a record of influencing and inspiring through his or her vision and action (willingness to be a player coach), using the power of persuasive reasoning, the referencing of facts and best practices, effective collaboration with team members, and well-developed verbal and written skills. This person must be comfortable in a company whose culture stresses personal responsibility, emphasizes and rewards entrepreneurial thinking and individual initiative, but with an understanding of the importance of teamwork and collaboration.  Effective with persuasion over power/authority, and accountability for results.

Business Acumen: Must have a broad operational perspective and the ability to think and act with an understanding of the impact of the interaction among individual business functions and functional initiatives on the performance of the business as a whole. Requires business-minded problem solving inclusive of a demonstrated ability to link key marketing initiatives with its impact on a business’s bottom line.

Excellent Analytical Acumen: The successful candidate will have demonstrated the ability to assess disparate data streams and distill them into meaningful and, ultimately, actionable strategic and operational recommendations.   Facility with financial reporting, budgeting, and capital allocation. A track record of identifying profitable business segments and separating those from unprofitable ones is a necessity.  Adept at analyzing data, facts, and issues to arrive at best possible decisions.

Customer Focus:  The successful candidate will focus on customers’ needs as primary – developing and maintaining strong relationships.

Drive for Results – An ability to consistently grow the business and be accountable to specific strategic, operational and financial goals.  Creates and communicates vision within his/her organization that aligns with the overall company direction.  Creates and sustains an environment that supports experimentation and risk-taking but underscores the value of a collaborative work culture.

Personal Effectiveness – Makes tough business and people decisions.  Uses influence rather than positional authority.  Demonstrates the ability to continuously learn, learns from mistakes, and applies knowledge to new situations.  Is able to adapt and flourish in shifting circumstances.

Core Competencies:

Key Knowledge Skills:

  • Strategic planner.
  • Entrepreneurial thinker that embraces and thrives on innovation.
  • Strong leader with specific rubber industry experience in operations, sales and/or management.
  • Ability to manage high-growth and evolving businesses.
  • Strong business acumen and experience with profit and loss responsibility.
  • Project management and product development experience.
  • Operational experience with strong focus on quality control and continuous improvement.
  • Effective manager of personnel and financial assets.
  • Experience in the leadership and development of organic growth.
  • Experience in marketing and sales and/or managing customer relationships via operational interaction.

Soft Skills:

High energy, decisiveness, with change agent leadership skills, confident, entrepreneurial, innovative, forward-thinking, strong communication skills, ability to influence, creative problem-solving skills, team building skills, flexible, diplomatic, self directed, high standards of performance, goal driven, vision, high morals, strong values with high ethical standards.

Years of Experience:

Fifteen to 20 years of experience within the rubber processing and /or molded goods manufacturing industry with 5-10 years plus in either sales and/or executive leadership role.

Education Level:

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree; finance, engineering or chemistry background a plus; M.B.A. a plus.

Ideal Profile:

Sr. Level Executive, General Manager, President, Divisional leader or Assistant GM, Plant Manager, Operations Executive or Sales Executive with both operational and general management experience.  Profit and loss responsibility.

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